Open-Plan Apartment in Brussels - an in-house interpretation of a modern loft space in Belgium.

Landscape Dining Views
Portrait Dining Views

Kitchen+Dining Views
SW1, St James, London - by Crawford and Gray Architects

Tucked away in a beautiful passage behind St. James Palace, this traditional Italian bakery is a recent renovation by Crawford and Gray Architects.

Scandinavian inspired cabins - an in-house interpretation of a contemporary timber cabin.

Exterior Front View

Interior Living Room (click to view day/dusk images)

Interior Living Room - long view

Kitchen View

Exterior Rear View
Exlusive coastal properties - for Park Green / architecture by Grainge Architects.

Views from across the river.
Working closely with Park Green and Grainge Architects, I had the pleasure of traveling down to South Devon to complete initial site photography for this fantastic project. Following selection of shots, work was completed to composite the proposed building into the images for planning submission and marketing of the properties.

For before + after comparisons, see the slideshow at the bottom of the set.

View from jetty, adjacent to the site.

Photo-composite of the view from the road.

Before + After from across the creek.
Photography from a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Thunderstorms here approaching the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at the summit of Tibidabo. (El templo del sagrado corazón de jesús)

The Church of Santa Ana in the Gothic Quarter, central Barcelona. (Iglesias de Santa Ana, El Barri Gòtic).

Views across Barcelona during the storm, including views of El Torre de Collserola - by Sir Norman Foster.

The Kiss of Death (El Petó de la Mort) sculpture in the Poblenou Cemetery. More information can be found here.